Call 2017 - Local Public Transport

Call 2017 - Local Public Transport

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Call 2017 - Local Public Transport

Call for Papers for the ETC 2017 Local Public Transport seminar

The Local Public Transport Committee seeks to encourage papers and debate on all aspects of the planning and operation of all modes of local public transport.

We are always very keen to compare practice– so our sessions at the Conference regularly feature papers on similar subjects from different parts of Europe. Please be aware that we don’t need you to find someone else to write the ‘other’ paper(s) – teaming you up in this way is our responsibility!

The list of subjects is indicative, and you should feel free if you want to submit a paper about some other issue.

The focus for the 2017 Conference will be:

• The strategic role of local public transport – what is it being asked to do, and is it succeeding in that role?

• How do you translate that strategic role into the vital detail of networks, services and timetables. There is a view that strategic planning is a public sector task and that day-to-day operation is best done by the private sector – but where do you draw the intermediate boundary? Who should be responsible for planning the detail (the ‘tactical’ level)?

• Governance – how is public transport provided? Is this the ‘right’ way of organizing matters. How do you handle the conflicting needs of users and tax-payers?

• Fares and ticketing – how does the user pay for their travel? How is this revenue collected?

• Innovation – we are always interested in papers about new ways of doing things, and this year we are particularly interested in how you manage innovation.

• Public transport links to specialised land uses: how can you provide an acceptable level of service to a new hospital located on the periphery of a city?


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