Call 2017 - Value of Time

Call 2017 - Value of Time

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Call 2017 - Value of Time

ETC 2017 special one day seminar on the Value of Time

We are keen to hear from academics researching value of time, government agencies providing guidance and practitioners using values of time in modelling and appraisal.

We have therefore issued this supplementary call for papers and we welcome papers on any aspects of value of time but in particular:

• Comparison studies by countries or jurisdictions

• Revealed and Stated Preference value of time estimation

• Distance-banding of value of time

• Productive use of time while travelling

• The value of small time savings

• The value of time savings in the context of reliability, crowding and other journey characteristics

• Values of time for walking and cycling

• Use of different values of time between behavioural modelling and economic appraisal

• Use of equity values of time in appraisal

• Value of time in the context of freight appraisal


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