Call 2017 - Young Researchers and Practitioners Forum

Call 2017 - Young Researchers and Practitioners Forum

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Call 2017 - Young Researchers and Practitioners Forum

Call for papers for the Young Researchers and Practitioners Forum at ETC 2017

Recent socio-economic trends such as the growing internationalization and pluralisation of governance and lifestyle patterns are leading to remarkable consequences in the field of transportation. Travel patterns are becoming much more complex and individualized. Furthermore, technological innovations extend the possibilities of transport planning and travel mode choice. The fast rise of the availability of mobile digital devices has encouraged the emergence of new and more flexible forms of transport supply and demand.

These developments raise exciting questions, such as: what are the social and economic drivers of these new configurations? Which theories and models are adequate to explain them? How can case studies exemplify these general developments for specific contexts? Which methods and empirical designs provide insights into these new patterns of transport and mobility? How stable are these trends and will they lead to a transformation of whole transport systems? What are the possible social, political and spatial outcomes of these developments? How should transport policy and city planning react to these trends?

We are looking forward to receiving contributions from multiple perspectives such as all disciplines involved in transport research (e.g. planning, economics, social science, and engineering), transport planning and consulting. We welcome presentations ranging from early stage researchers with project proposals and “work in progress”, up to final reports. In any case we want to provide a constructive atmosphere, allowing valuable input for young researchers and practitioners in the audience as well as for those “on stage”.

We invite contributions from young professionals (PhD candidates, postdocs ≤ 3 years after PhD, practitioners ≤ 6 years of work experience). Please submit your abstract (250 to 500 words) for a 15min presentation, including your name and affiliation, by February 27th, 2017 to the ETC website.


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