ETC 2017 Stream Announced for Transport Modelling

ETC 2017 Stream Announced for Transport Modelling

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ETC 2017 Stream Announced for Transport Modelling

Once again the programme is packed full of what modellers are interested in with up to 3 full parallel modelling streams. There are also joint sessions with other programme committees on particular subjects, bringing you the latest research, studies, guidelines, thinking, ideas on transport modelling methods and their application to real-world problems.

Come to learn, keep up to date, contribute your ideas, influence others, meet your colleagues, contribute to government guidance and help steer development of transport modelling into the future.

We have a whole day on National Travel Survey Methods; another on Big Data with the latest developments on Origin-Destination matrix building and another on Agent Based modelling with case studies the latest in Agent, Lifestyle and Activity Based modelling techniques and applications.

Other sessions on modelling include:

• Connected and autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, mobility as a service

• Car ownership, land use

• Air travel including new UK Government work on air travel; air quality

• National and other big models of Zimbabwe, Europe, Germany, Ireland and Paris

• Macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic traffic assignment and simulation, dynamic tolling

• Cycling innovation, pedestrian micro-simulation

• Artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning

• As well as the whole parallel 2-day conference on the Value of Time and Perception.

Lots to do!

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