Program Announced for Rail Planning and Policy

Program Announced for Rail Planning and Policy

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Program Announced for Rail Planning and Policy

The Rail Planning and Policy is focused on developing the knowledge on planning, economics and use of heavy rail. Enhancement of the quality of the rail network and its use is pivotal. The political and economic organisation of developing rail networks and customers satisfaction with train use are key elements in the program. Also this year lots of interesting presentations will be available on those topics, which include:

Enhancing the customer experience: Time valuations of rolling stock improvements, using Imagineering for creating the perfect train journey and using an innovation framework to enhance the right services for the customer.

New infrastructure: new passengers: Crossrail baseline evaluation, effects of High-Speed Rail on international tourism demand indicators in Spain and operational concept 2025+ for the Semmering Railway.

Serving Markets: Comparison of rail commuting between 6 west European cities and calculating the optimal choice of stops on a regional rail service.

Forecasting: Development of integrated demand and station choice models for local railway stations and developing new time tables using fact-driven insights from smartcard data.

Power forecasting: methodology to predict rail ridership based on socio economic developments, enhancing conventional rail demand models and the potential economic benefits of improved reliability.

Reforming Railways: the role of complexity in mega-projects and options for improving Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways while harmonising with EU requirements.

Freight intermodality: opportunities for railways in The Port of Piraeus and intermodal rail-based solutions in the China-Europe containerised cargo flows.

Future of rail freight: an Intelligent Rail Freight System for the Future, impact of autonomous vehicles for rail and cost structures at seaport container terminals. for more info

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